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These pages where last updated june-10-2001

The quartet members:

Hans Olofsson Soprano
Hans Berg Alto
Lennart Holmgren Tenor
Mikael Geijer Mikael Geijer Barytone and Bass saxophone




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Arrangement selling/swapping

Contact Saxophone Quartet Sydväst

You can email Mikael Geijer at mikael@oebb.net or phone him on +46 70 745 52 39. You can also phone Lennart Holmgren on +46 8 53172793.


The quartet started back in 1986. One of the main initive takers was Ray Lundberg who tragically died a few years ago. He was very productive when it came to writing quartet arrangements. His arranging skill improving over the years. He left over 150 arrangements that are now in the hands of the quartet. The arrangements are very different in character, including everything from Bach fugues to BeBop. Some are transcriptions from other settings (klarrinett, string, quire...) other are his own work from start.

All of the musicians live just outside Stockholm, SWEDEN.

Since this is an amateur quartet there haven't been much playing outside the rehearsal room.

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Call/mail Mikael Geijer. Here's a pic from a gig in may 2001


Follow the link to see some of our reportoir

Repertoir of Saxofonkvartett Sydväst

Arrangement Selling/Swapping

We're always interested in spreading the arrangements of Ray to reasonable prices. We also want to renew our repertoir. Contact Mikael Geijer if you're interested.